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Professional Writing and Editing Service

The Write Hand of Ohio offers communication services for small businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, textbook publishers, magazines and more.

Audrey Cielinski Kessler, Owner

Audrey Cielinski Kessler has editorial experience in a broad range of industries and organizations (for-profit and nonprofit) that spans over 30 years. Examples include oil and gas, medical, energy, engineering, law enforcement, magazines, newspapers, local government departments, university academics, book publishing, telecommunications, nursing homes and elder-care providers.


Her experience in document types includes newsletters (technical and general audience), textbooks, curriculum guides, software user manuals, software and hardware systems manuals, policy and procedure manuals, magazine and newspaper feature articles, brochures, flyers and menus.


Samples of Our Clients

Our Philosophy

At The Write Hand of Ohio, our philosophy is that you can write or design it, but that doesn’t guarantee your audience will read or even look at what you give them. We know that if you don’t speak your message clearly and present it in a format that’s inviting to your audience, your document may end up as nothing more than a dust collector on an office bookshelf. In other words, you lose and your audience loses. You wrote it, but they didn’t read it.

Scope of Work

The Write Hand of Ohio can take your idea from concept to finished product. We can help you decide what you want to say, how best to say it, and how to present your information in a format and style that entices your readers. In short, we can do as much or as little as you need us to do. We will be there when you need us to answer questions, offer advice and guide you in making communication choices that meet your needs and satisfy your business objectives.

Honors and Awards

  • Awards of Achievement and Most Improved from the Society for Technical Communication, Special Interest Group Newsletter Competitions for 1996-1997, as editor/publisher of Steps & Specs newsletter of the Policies and Procedures Special Interest Group

  • Merit (Third Place) Award of Excellence from the Society for Technical Communication, Professional Interest Committee (now known as Special Interest Group) Newsletter competition for 1995-1996, as editor/publisher of Steps & Specs, newsletter of Policies and Procedures Professional Interest Committee

  • She also listed on Who’s Who of American Women, Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who Among Emerging Leaders, Who’s Who in The South and Southwest and Who’s Who in the Midwest and is a graduate of the 1999 class of Leadership Portage County (Ohio)

Professional Affiliations

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Client Reviews

“I have just had the pleasure of reading the current issue of the Ohio VOTER and wish to compliment you on the quality of the layout and the many design decisions you have so well made. Items which I particularly appreciated: adequate use of white space, a readable type face large enough for old eyes, adequate leading, good use of graphics, rules, wide columns, color, etc. to provide variety and interest without going overboard. I suspect that most of the readers in some subliminal way appreciate what you’ve done. I just wanted you to know that at least this reader, although still strictly and amateur in this matters, does recognize some of what went into creating this result. I will save this issue as a sample for my own future efforts and to be able to show others.”

- League of Women Voters of Ohio Newsletter Reader
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