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Content Editing Services

What We Can Do for You

The Write Hand of Ohio offers a comprehensive array of document editorial services, allowing you to choose as many or as few as your project dictates and your budget allows.

Consulting & Project Management

Virtually all projects involve input from multiple people within your organization. We can manage the various parts to ensure that project deadlines are met. We also make sure problems encountered toward that end are dealt with expeditiously, before they have a chance to grow and cause major delays in completing the project. We also are committed to keeping you informed about the status of your project from beginning to end.

Writing, Editing & Proofreading

The editing process involves first reviewing the document for clarity and accuracy and then checking for style in terms of consistency and compliance with your company’s style guidelines and requirements. The proofreading process is the final step in ensuring that the document is accurate and free of errors.

Structure & Editing for Non-Native-English Speakers

How a document looks can be just as important as what it says and how it says it. If a document does not look attractive, it may not catch the reader’s eye and may not even be opened. Toward these ends, we work to ensure that page layouts, typefaces and type styles, graphics and other elements that help increase readability are used appropriately.

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